Sudden head pain and dizziness.

Dear Ask The Doctor:  For the last week or two I have been getting a few symptoms every now and then. I get short sharp pains in the left side of my head in my temple, it comes and goes...when I stand up I get dizzyness and it goes kind of black like I cant see anything properly for a few seconds, like a bad head rush, that comes and goes also, not everytime i stand up but most...and I keep feeling the tired, havnt eaten kind of sick, but I get it even when I'm not tired and I have eaten....I also feel very worn out most of the time but I have trouble sleeping at night so I end up getting so exhausted that I fall asleep in the morning and for most of the rest of the day but I think that maybe just be a bad sleeping pattern and not necessarily related to those other things...does anyone have any suggestions?

Dear Patient:  Your symptoms could suggest a variety of disorders ranging from just low blood pressure and low blood sugar to more concering causes like a brain mass. Cardiac rythym problems could also lead to similar symptoms of dizziness. It is necessary to evaluate when exactly these symptoms occur and what if anything aggravates and alleviates them.Watch out for signs like vomitting in the am, drowsiness etc as these may indicate a more sever cause. Also you need to see your family physician for a more comprehensive check up along with blood pressure measurement in both sitting and standing positions, a complete blood count, blood glucose levels and an ECG. All the best.

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