Lip Infection

i bite my lip a lot and about 3 days ago i noticed swelling and discoloration. Today there is a sticky substance on my lips and some yellow spots. What can i ...

Finger cut

I have a small deep cut on the tip of my middle finger and i want to know ways to heal it at home. The cut doesn't look too deep and my cousin was there when ...

Penile Infection?

Hello my name in hunter and I've been very concerned about an issue going on with what I believe to be a Type of infection/irritation with my penis. Mainly th...

Is there an over the counter alternative for Zithromax?

Is there any over the counter medicine like zithromax?

My piercing is  lodged beneath the surface of my skin?

Five years ago I got dermal piercings on my hips. When the piercer was putting them in, he lost a piece of the piercing inside of me, he told me it was okay b...

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