Red, Swollen, Painful Elbow

Hit elbow yesterday, hurt a little . Last night notice it was sore and kept rubbing, turned red and started swelling. Red and fever. Feels like fluid on it. W...

1x1 wound on left leg from boating accident

Hi, I'm a 17 year old guy from sweden. My father was in an accident close to our boat where he created a 1x1 wound. The wound hasn't healed for almost 1 week ...

Can I catch E.Coli from my cat?

can I catch ecoli from my cat

Can you get an infection from using dirty scissors to trim hair? Please advise.

Hi, I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but I am hoping a medical professional will give me some info/advice. My question is this: Can I get a serious in...

Pinworm relief

How soon should I feel relief after taking medication forpinworms .....I took the medication ...I've never had it before I took the medication but felt some r...

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