I am 17 yeas old and i have been sexually active for a few months now but i stopped. i realized every time i had sex i got an infection even if i urinated before and after sex. i recently had sex y...


After H. Pylori Eradication

If a stool antigen test for H Pylori is completed 3 days after finishing antibiotics, is it accurate or can it be a false negative?


Soreness, redness and swelling as a result of an I.V.

I had an IV in my arm that was removed on Thursday August 15th. The area hurts now. It is puffy and a little red. What can I do to stop it from hurting or getting worse?


Skin Condition, Thigh

First question, so here goes. I'm a tall guy, 6ft4 and all seats are too small for me, so when I sit, I end up with my elbow resting on my thighs. Basically, I have a very tough "spot"...


This is the first time I ever felt like this after I self harmed, why?

Please don't judge. I self harmed about 3 days ago and got stitches. The day I got back I felt fine but the next day I felt horrible. I felt nausea and I had horrible gas, I had diarrhea many times...

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