Is there an over the counter alternative for Zithromax?

Is there any over the counter medicine like zithromax?

My piercing is  lodged beneath the surface of my skin?

Five years ago I got dermal piercings on my hips. When the piercer was putting them in, he lost a piece of the piercing inside of me, he told me it was okay b...

Vaginal Irritation

"My vagina is burning but I'm still peeing normally!? I am using Mens Body Wash+Shampoo. Could that cause irritation??? My doctor said it could be from ...

Rabies Vaccine

I got a pre-exposure complete vaccination for Rabies 8 months back. However, 2 months back i was again scratched by a dog so i got a post-exposure routine of ...

Chance of rabies exposure?

Ok this is a long one, but earlier today i went into my shed to get chlorine tablets for my pool and on top of the container was unmistakeably "dried up&...

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