Can I Restart Taking Antibiotics after I've Stopped taking Them for A few Days?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I have an ingrown toenail, and was taking antibiotics for it, but an event came up which involved alcohol, so I stopped taking the antibiotics to be safe. I gave it a bit of time and stopped the antibiotics for 4 days in total, but mum is now freaking out telling me that i'm now immune to these antibiotics and could get seriously sick from taking them (mum isn't a doctor, or close). I wanna know if I should take the rest of the antibiotics (9 left) which would most likely completely get rid of the infection, or if i should throw them away at risk of getting sick. Thanks heaps!

Dear Patient:  Stopping antibiotics before completing the full course could lead to the treatment being ineffective and the infection of your toenail to recur again. Your mother is correct in stating that the bacteria may develop resistance to the drug. Organisms that are not completely killed because of incomplete treatment have the chance to genetically modify their structure and become resistant to the particular drug.
I would suggest you consult your family physician to determine whether a treatment has to restarted or a new medication prescribed.

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