Cant Straighten My Lower Back

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hi, My lower back keeps popping out of alignment. Its happened about 8 times so far. I cant straighten in varying degrees each time. Today I had to crawl out of bed. Only one it went back in on its own, I usually see a variety of health practitioners. They all get it back in but it pops out so easily. In my sleep 3 times, bending over in supermarket.. Its created monstrous Sciatica pain. Sometimes its an electric explosionin my back, sometimes its just bone moving in a popping way. I regularly walk and I am a size 14-16 and trying to lose weight in case thats an inflammatory issue. Why is it happening so easily. My weak back is effecting my life so greatly. I need help. Thankyou in advance, Doctor.

Dear Patient:  Overweight, poor posture, herniated disc etc. can cause lower back pain and sciatica. You may want to consult an orthopedic specialist for examination of your lower back alongwith an Xray or MRI of the lower back for better assessment of the vertebral disc and the spinal column. Sometimes due to certain positions the adjacent vertebral bodies rub against each other and may get locked or fixed,, which may require expert manipulation to restore the alignment.


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