Depression and I might have a drinking problem

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Dear Doc, Im a 28 year old man. We moved from england to fiji. then fiji to brisbane. I have been in australia for 14 years. I have been on and off anti depressonates. I am now on them for the rest of my life. I am very lonely still and dont really have close friends to do things with. Resently i wen to court for drink driving and i find that when im low i hit the booze. my parents tell me i dont hae a drinking problem. its because im lonely and bored. I find my parents know to much about me and lie to them as i dont always want them to know what i get up to. i dissapear for weeknds as i dont want to be around my parents. I am very lonely and fed up of tying to make friends in aus. im not sure if i could live in england agaain. I eat, drink and womanise to make myself better. if there any advice you can give me or a suggestion for tablets etc etc Thnks for your time Matt

Dear Patient:  In my opinion consultation with a psychiatrist for psychotherapy or behaviour therapy may help you deal with drinking problem, lonliness and depression. You need to develop a healthy and active lifestyle for better outcomes. Have a healthy diet and quitting alcohol may certainly help improve your body and mind health.


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