I had protected sex four months ago with a new partner who just informed me that he tested positive for chlamydia and believes he knows who it came from and i...

Have I Still got Chlamydia?

I tested positive for chlamydia 2wk ago and was given a single dose (2 tablets) of azithromycin. I am still getting a thick white discharge thats smells and ...

Test negative for chlamydia due to antibiotics

I took a Chlamydia test recently with my doctor which came back clear. However before I give my urine sample for the Chlamydia test the Dr prescribed me anti...

Azithromycin as a precaution for STDs?

I had unprotected sex and Do not wish to be testeD for STDs so I ordered azithromycin online just in case. Can I take it as a precaution? I won't be tested. ...

Chlamydia treatment, Please Help Me

My boyfriend has chlamydia and at the moment his penis is hurting and burning from the inside. what should i have him do?

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