PCOS and basal body temperature - trying to concieve

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Dear Doctor i have been diagnosed with PCOS and being trying to fall pregnant for about 13 months now the doctor has recently put me onto metformin and clomid i have done one cycle of only 25mg clomid and taking metformin twice daily i have also been charting my basal body temperture and would like some ones opinion and advice as to my temperture that seems very weird! my temps in my first cycle seem normal but i have no idea what may to june's temps are telling me as from my period onwards my temps have been allot higher than the previous cycle please let me know if you could get my attached chart many thanks Kitty

Dear Patient:  You are one the right treatment with metformin and clomid in order to concieve. As per your body temperature usually the basal body temperature increases in the second half of the cycle which is the fertile period. However since you have been having increased temps in the first half of your cycle you may be having some low grade fever condition. I wouldnt worry too much about it and just continue with having regular sexual intercourse and taking the medication. We did not recieve your attached chart. All the best.

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