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Knee Pain


My niece was recently dianogsed with EMPHASITIS (Spelling ?) and I am not able to find much on line about this disease. Can you please explain it or possibly provide some sites addresses where su...


I have bad knees. What can I do to help them?

I am missing almost 90 percent cartilage in my knee. What can I do to solve it.


In need of revision surgery , with conplicaitons with the other knee

I have had bi-lateral knee replacements and still having a great deal of pain in both. My surgeon informs me that I have alot of scar tissue in one which is causing the pain when I am using it. My...


Side effects from cortisone shot

Past hx 2 knee surg now 80 to 90% cartilage gone and arthritis..tore my meniscus 2 wks ago..had cortisol injection and now pain is excruciating and throbbing from knee to foot...side effects of cor...


Foot pain and tenderness

Recently I started playing football. Ever since it has hurt quite badly to turn my foot inwards. This problem is affecting my ability to run. Even after taking multiple weeks off and icing it it st...

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