Opthalmic migraines and ear/nose bleed

Hi, I have had two ophthalmic migraines within the past week and a half. also within that timeframe i had some bleeding in my right ear and also a nose bleed that occurred probably 5 days after...


What to do about this migraine!!!

I have a terrible migraine along with a nasty cough. what should i do?


Blindness in eyes combined with excessive sweating

Can you please help me identify what happened to me . I was walking and then I started sweating excessively and then my vision got really blurry with red and then I went blind for a few minutes and...


Tablets usage

As i am suffering from migraine my doctor gave me tablets to use for 15 days. In the morning i am taking Sibelium 10mg and Betacap TR 40 And in the night i am taking Tryptomer 25mg But i am s...


Sever headache

I have ben diagnosed with migraine and currently under medication since 2012,but still sometimes i am getting that throbbing headache,how long will i heve to use these drugs

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