Rotator Cuff Injuries

shoulder pain

there is a large full thickness supraspinatus tendon tear into anterior infraspinatus tendon there is up to 3.6 centimeters of tendon retraction will i need surgury

Risk of arthroscopic surgery in aspirin user of 8 years

My husband is having authscoptic surgery wednesday however he has been on an aspirin regimen for almost 8 yrs. he did not stop taking it and now the doc seem...

Shoulder tendinitis receiving right treatment

About a week and a half ago, i was getting pain in my upper right arm. It felt like i pulled a muscle? I didn't feel any bones or any lumps. I started to app...

Shoulder pain going down the arm

I have a pain at thop shoulder as well as pain in me left upper arm .there is also painin my nechespecially the left side. it does not affect me when i am sl...

Painful shoulder after surgery for a torn rotator cuff

I had surgery on a tored rotator cuff and bone spurr in 2010 my shoulder hurts more now then before surgery i called other doctors but they wont see me becau...

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