Shoulder pain after hearing a popping noise.

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I was getting up from the floor where I had been laying and my shoulder kind of popped, It hurt really bad and I was unable to move it for a few seconds, it felt really numb and weak. a few seconds after I could move it but it was still weak, but it kind of went back to normal after a few days with just a little ibuprofen and ice and whatnot. Sometimes it would pop or crack as I used it after that incident. Just now, I was getting out of bed to use the bathroom and it happened again. what is this and do I need to go in to see a doctor, or is it something like a sprain that will go away but I just need to be more careful for a while?

Dear Patient:  The likely cause of your shoulder pain could be caused by an impinged tendon or nerve, or an injury to the rotator cuff. Usually rest, ice packs and pain-killers are enough to treat the pain. I would advise you to continue what you are doing and if the pain does not subside with these measures, you may have to visit a doctor for a complete physical examination of the shoulder. X-rays may not be helpful in the diagnosis and MRI may be indicated in severe cases of pain.

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