Do I need surgery for a SLAP lesion?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  My MRI says TYPE 2 SLAP LESION WITH AN ADJACENT PARALABRAL CYST. also the cortical irregularity cystic changes of the humeral head along the rotator cuff insertion may be seen in the setting of chronic impingement in English this means does this have to be operated on? If yes, what If I wait to long? I have good days and bad,but can still do a lot of stuff with it. Thank you

Dear Patient:  The MRI results are not the only determinant of whether surgery is required. Other factors must be considered before surgery is embarked upon. Shoulder injuries as described by the MRI are treated non-operatively for 3 months. Non-operative treatment includes, rest (no throwing), physical therapy and pain medication. If this treatment fails, i.e. if symptoms persists after 3 months, then surgery is employed to fix the injury.

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