Is it safe to take Amitriptylline and Morphine together?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  My Mother is suffering with severe upper arm pain, it is in her right arm. the doctor is not sure what the problem is and has prescribed liquid morphine 5mg and told her to take 1 then if that doesnt work take 2 and so on and so on. this does not seem to work except for her being confused and dizzy most of the time. as well as this medicine she has been prescribed Amytriptaline to help her sleep??? can these be mixed together? my mum is 70 years old and not in the best of health as last year she had cancer in her kidney which was ultimately removed. i know that i should not say this but i dont think that her doctor is all that interested. This is stopping her from sleeping at night and is driving her mad, i know that this is an impossible question but do you know how to aleiviate the pain even by half.

Dear Patient:  Your mother is an old lady and I believe you want to improve her quality of life as much as possible. There are no significant drug interactions between morphine and amitriptylline. The answer is yea, those 2 drus can be taken together. Most likely, her pain cannot be controlled by morphine already, which means she has developed tolerance to it. This is pretty common and taking too much morphine is also harmful. Prescribing her too many drugs may do more harm than good. If you want, try consulting another doctor for a second opinion to reassess and reevaluate the arm pain, and possibly on how to manage it. I hope this helps.

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