Blood in urine after sex

Dear Ask The Doctor:  HI i am a male. I had sex for the first time with my wife. The third time in the same night when i ejaculated and just 5 minutes after that i went to pee. I saw a pinch of blodd in my urine. THough after that it was not there. The next time again jsut after intercourse i peed i saw the same. THis just happens after intercourse. Please Advise.

Dear Patient:  This could be due to some local trauma sustained during sexual intercourse.There could also be other causes like infection or stones leading to this symptom. However it is difficult for me to give you a diagnosis without examining you.
You could examine your genital area and looking for any signs of broken skin or trauma.
I would suggest that you see you family physician regarding the same if it continues past 24-48 hours.

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