October 21, 2018

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IP 272 pill to treat chlamydia

Patient: Can the the IP 272 pill actually be used to treat chlamydia? My doctor gave me a dosage and I wanted to make sure it will help before I take it. Doctor: Yes, IP 272 pill can be used for chlamydia. Pill imprint IP 272 has been identified as Sulfameth oxazole and trimethoprim DS 800 mg / 160...

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Red spots on head and shaft of penis? (Image)

Patient: Six red irritated looking spots on the head and shaft of my penis. Symptoms: Slight irritation Images: Doctor: We have reviewed the images you attached. From the picture, it looks like red spots aremore like a rash. The spots are not raised and there is no obvious lump. If possible kindly...

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Bump on the ring of my butt hole (Image)

Patient: Hi there, this is kind of an embarrassing question, but I seem to have these weird bubble bumps on the ring of my butt hole and I don’t know what it could be and it is really stressing me out. This is also very personal, but I did have sexual contact with a man a few months ago but I...

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What are these red bumps on my penis? (Image)

Patient: I have about 4 pimple like bumps (sometimes they look like a pimple, other times like a red bump with a volcano like dome in the middle) on my penis that showed up not long after some rather frictional sex. I’ve just recently moved up north so I have noticed some chaffing and cuts...

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Drug prices on the rise despite President Trump’s promises

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump made reducing drug prices a key promise during his election campaign, repeatedly accusing drugmakers of “getting away with murder.” At the end of May, he promised that drug companies would be announcing “massive” voluntary drug price cuts within two weeks. An...

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How Do You Diagnose And Treat Austism?

Autism refers to a range of neurodevelopment disorders that are characterized by communication difficulties, repetitive stereotyped patterns of behaviour, and social impairments. Autistic disorder, sometimes called classical Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or just Autism, is the most severe form of...

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What Are Some Therapies For Kids With ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a condition that causes hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. This syndrome manifests in childhood and can maintain its influence well into adult life. Most often, this syndrome occurs in children or adolescents. Approximately 3-5% of school...

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How Do You Treat A Bad Sore Throat?

Although there are several reasons that why a person gets a sore throat, such as the flu or a cold, however, post nasal drip is considered to be one of the major reasons. This condition is accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing. In a few cases, it is also linked to strep throat, when the...

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What Are Some Causes Of Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most frequently encountered complaints in people of working age. Back pain often indicates a pathological processes occurring in our body. Successful treatment of back pain begins with a correct diagnosis and identifying the underlying cause of the disease. Therefore...

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How Do You Treat Slipped Spinal Discs?

Spinal injuries are some of the most common but also dangerous injuries that happen to people of all ages. Although protected by vertebrae, when these vertebrae move or become damaged, injuries to the spinal cord can result. One of the most common spinal injuries is something called a slipped disk...

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Is Medical Cannabis Good for Chronic Pain?

article in partnership with: Chronic pain affects approximately one in five people and is expected to increase to one in three people over the next two decades. Patients suffering from chronic pain are often tasked with managing a multitude of physical, psychological and psychosocial factors that...

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Will marijuana be detected in my urine test?

q&a in partnership with: Patient: I have a urine test next week and I have been using marijuana. My question is what can I do to flush it out my system? I am 5’9 136lbs. Please help Doctor: Marijuana can be detected in urine, blood and saliva using testing methods. THC concentrations in...

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Can smoking marijuana affect general anesthesia?

q&a in partnership with: Patient: I am scheduled to go under general anesthesia for dental surgery (wisdom teeth extraction, implant, and possible bone graph from jaw depending on the strength of the implant site). I smoke marijuana on a regular basis and I am concerned about how this may...

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