Am 28 week pregnannt now.found hypothyroidism at the 15th week

Patient: Am 28 week pregnannt now.found hypothyroidism at the 15th week tsh 146 took thyronorm 100mcg tablet. from 20 th week came under control tsh 3.2. hence taking thyronorm 50 mcg.others says that hypothyroidism for mother will affect child mental ability.will it affect my child iq and weight, health after birth


Doctor: I do understand your concern that hypothyroidism can affect the mental and overall health status of your baby. Studies h ave shown that thyroid hormone plays an important role in the normal development of the brain. The sources of thyroid hormone in a fetus is from the mother and it’s own (thyroid production in a fetus begins at 10-12 weeks of gestation).Gestational hypothyroidism can lead to several complications, notably preeclampsia, low birth weight and increased risk of spontaneous miscarriage. Although effects of maternal hypothyroidism on fetal brain development are not well defined, several recent reports indicate that IQ is modestly affected. It was also seen that thyroid hormone replacement apparently prevented effects on the child’s IQ. One study also showed that there was no effect of severe first trimester hypothyroidism when mothers had normal thyroid function later in pregnancy, children developed normal IQ measured at 4-10 years.Most studies infere that if your thyroid levels are under control, the risk of your child developing a low IQ is less than half as compared to being untreated.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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