Amexidil lotion twice a day (8 sprays i.e. 1ml each time),

Patient: I am using following medicine since Aug 2013 for hair loss treatment:Amexidil lotion twice a day (8 sprays i.e. 1ml each time),Renocia shampoo twice a week andMajitrich capsule 1 per day.I have seen visible change with in 3 months and new hair growth till Feb 2014.In march 2014, I git the transfer to Hyderabad. Since then Hair fall started again and unbearable itching on scalp despite of continuing the same medicines.My current place is dust free than the previous place.So, Yesterday I had consulted one specialist. He told me that hair fall is only because of the place change stress and dandruff.So He advised me following treatment1)Scalpe shampoo for 2 times and Renocia shampoo for 1 time in a period of 8 days. This cycle to be continued for 1 month. after that Scalpe and Renocia shampoo alternatively.2)Daily morning 1ml Amexidil spray and 6 pumps Tricovin Hair serum at bed time.3) Majitrich can be stopped as I have been using since 11 months.Now My worry is..Will this treatment helps me out to be free from itching scalp and hair growth.

Symptoms: hair loss and itching on scalp