Drug to boost my stamina

Patient: Hi There,First of all I need to thanks for this web site which is very useful for me that I have always many question and not always the possibility to get an appointment with the doctor only for different inquires.I am a young 33 years man, healthy, sportive and without heart problems and erectile dysfunction.My question, was about using stamina through drugs. I have been using sometime Kamagra oral jelly in order to boost my erection faster in any situation. Sometime I have been use it even every day for about 1 -2 weeks and than stop for quite long time. I want to ask if there will be any problem if sometime I will take it, every 24 hours, for short period.?I have been use 100 gm kamagra which contains “Sildenafil Citrate”Any suggestion to different product lighter and less invasive?Thank you very much.All the bestLuigi