Foot Tendinitis in a Long Distance Runner

Patient: Hi! I am a long distance running who has a mild case of extensor tendinitis on the top of my right foot. Is it ok to use the elliptical 30-35 minutes a day to keep up my cardio? I have a half marathon I would like to run in a week.

Doctor: The healing time is different for each patient, and also depends on the severity of the initial injury. The suggested st rategy in your case should be: begin stretching the muscles of the leg and foot, then use the elliptical for 20-30 min. a day as long as you tolerate it without pain or discomfort, you can use ice packs after the exercise routine to decrease inflammation and/or pain (if there is any), avoiding activities that reproduce the pain, and use of anti inflammatory drugs (example: “Advil”). Try this routine and see how you are feeling day by day and accordingly decide if it is a good idea for you to get in the half marathon in one week.