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have this bump on my face that was flat

Patient: Hello so I have this bump on my face that was flat like the 2 bumps next to it and now it looks like a blister sort of thing when I touch it, it feels like sunburn. I am at the beach and had a hat and glasses on so I didn’t put sunscreen on but that part was exposed to the sun could it be part of sunburn? Also the 2 dots aren’t raised but they might be later?



Doctor: Hello.Welcome to ask the doctor. I have read your query. I understand your concern.As per details, there are fol lowing possibilities for your symptoms:1 ) PMLE- known as a Polymorphic light eruption. It Is an allergic reaction to sun characterised by itchy rash ranging from flat to raised lesions. It is an acute reaction with usual onset within minutes to days of exposure to the sun.2) Paederus dermatitis- it is also known as insect bite dermatitis. It is spontaneous and sudden in onset. The rash may be painful or itchy.3)Allergic contact dermatitis- it is characterised by an itchy red rash on the area of contact with an allergen. The allergen may be dust, sand, sea water itself etc.Treatment depends on the diagnosis.It would have been better if you could attach photographs so that I can actually visualize the lesions and advice you to my best.Take care.Feel free to discuss further,Regards.



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