I live in Serbia. I am 35 years old, and I had

Patient : Dear, I live in Serbia. I am 35 years old, and I had younger sister called Suzana. She was 29 years old when she died. I am asking you to take a look her case and tell me your opinion and advice. I will try to explane you her case in short, but I have all the documentation about it in papers, so I could send you in order to have a better picture. My sister was two months pregnant and lying in hospital (october 2013.), because she was bleeding and had kidney pain. I need to mention that before this pregnancy, she also was pregnant (6 months earlier) and had miscarriage. And before that misscarriage she had a daughter Elena . In pregnancy with Elena, she had high blood pressure and anemia, so she was also in hospital around two weeks. But that came well so, she got Elena after 9 months (Elena was born on April 2009). ALso, I had to mention that, after she got Elena, few years later, she had laser removal of stone in the kidney. I will go back now to october 2013. when she was pregnant last time. So, she had a little bleeding and her gynecologist gave her hormonal therapy and said she must lay in bed all day long. She did everything she was told, but one day, her kidneys hurt again so she went to emergency service. They gave her referral for gynecological department, and the doctor who sent her there, wrote on the referral that she had a kidneys pain. Than, the gynecologist on that department reviewed her and said she had to stay in hospital, on that department. He also said that he had to consult his pharmacologist colleague about the medicine he could give to my sister for those kidneys pain, because she was pregnant. My sister suffered in pains for many hours at all night, but noone gave her any medicine. I have called her on the cell phone at the morning, and she said to me: "I don`t know how I´ve live through this night, ho w big pains I suffered.". I asked her what about medicines, she said she got nothing. Next doctor who came said she needed to get medicine but it was too late. The night and the pains were gone at that moment. During her hospitalization, she was in kidneys pains a little bit every day. She also had a small bleeding. And than she started to throw up. They gave her some infusion on some days, but not every day. She started to throw up everything she put in her mouth. She complained to us (her family, her husband) and to a doctors, but the doctors told her that they are doctors and they will decide what and when will they give her therapy. My mother was at her room every day, helping her to throw up. She was loosing weight, but doctors said it is normal pregnancy. One of a doctors did an ultrasound, and said that "there is a bleeding 9 mm away from the uterus, but it does not endanger the fetus". (Maybe it endanger the mother, I thought to myself). The doctor gave her hormonal therapy, clometol for nausea and vomiting, but it did not help. Every day I have called her and talked to her, I adviced her to terminate the pregnancy, because I was affraid hor her. I loved the indescribable and for me she was more important than the baby. But she wanted so much that baby, and she endured the pain. She wanted to gave Elena a sister or a brother. Doctors were saying how such a vomiting is normal in pregnancy and that she just cuddle. Then, after 22 days in hospital her heart just stopped. They attempted resuscitation (CPR), but there was no help for my sister. She died. I do not want to mention the pain we suffered without her, from that day till today, and it will be the same till our death. There will be no comfort for my mother, for Elena, for me, for my other sister and brother, but we will do everything we can to ensure that the justice came on light. After her death, her husband filed a criminal complaint against all the doctors on the gynecological department she was hospitalized, because all of them could do something to help her, but they did nothing. It was an autopsy, but the forensic doktor could not gave the reason for her death. He just wrote that it was "natural death accompanied by swelling (edema) of the brain and lungs". Our complaint was rejected by the primary court so we appealed to a higher court. High court granted the appeal and ordered the lower court to send the case to the expertise. (All this took a long time, we waited a lot...my mother went to primary court so much times but they did not wanted to gave her informations so she went to higher court and appealed on the work of primary court...). It was all paintfull for all of us, but the last pain was when we got the results of the expertise. It says that my sister died because of heart failure (left ventricular), but they could not determine what caused heart failure. Also, they wrote that there was "omissions in the doctor`s work, but that omissions could not lead to patient`s death" . That omissions was (as the commission of doctors who worked expertise wrote): - disorderly conduct medical documentation about my sister's complaints of pain - not frequent checking blood pressure, due to increased pressure in the previous pregnancy - not giving antibiotic therapy because of bacteria detected in the urine . . But regardless of all these failures, in their opinion, however, the doctors could not save our sister from death. Now, I am asking myself, if they were asking my sister every day about her pains, they maybe could`ve seen the symptoms for the weakening of the heart. If they were listening to her when she was complained on her excessive vomiting, which according to medicine, if it is not treated with medicine, could lead to death (I read this on one medical web site in our country. They called this condition "HYPEREMEZIS GRAVIDARUM"). But doctors did not pay attention to her appeals. If they were brought to her a specialist for kidneys disease, maybe he could see something they could not. If doctors said to her that pregnancy is dangerous to her life, maybe she would decide to terminate it. But they didn`t. They have told to her it is normal to throw up so much times and that she is going to be out of hospital in two days. But she died tommorow. I am asking myself so much questions and I know in my heart that doctors could maybe see something that could help her. Why she did not die at home before this if it was acciedental death? Why during pregnancy and in hospital? Maybe her body may have weakened and was so exhausted from vomiting, that the heart could not handle... Why her feet was furfur when we came to see her last time? Maybe if they were checking her blood pressure every day, they could notice something...I would like to know the truth, to tell it to myself, to my niece Elena, to my mother, to all, I owe it to my sister. We put all in newspapers, people have supported us because many of them survived similar situations, or lost someone, but still don`t know the truth... My family and I, we are not rich, but we are good people, with so much love to each other. If there is any possibility that you help us to find out the truth, please inform me, so I could prepare all the papers that I have (I will translate it to english and scan it) and send it to you, to look, to give advice, opinion... With recpect, Marijana Gavrilovic 27.04.2015.
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