i think i am pregnant

Patient: Hello and good day, I am 19 years old and i think i am pregnant and i think it is a month or less than a month. The first time i relize that i’m pregnant, i intended to abort the baby, I take 2 CORTAL(aspirin) and a coke, the second day i take 4 ALAXAN FR. I realized that it is bad and i feel so sorry for my baby. Is that medicines can affect the baby ? Please i need your opinion. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GOD BLESS.

Symptoms: i dont understand what i like to eat

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The two medications you ingested during the first month of pregnancy contain acetylsalicyli c acid, acetominophen, and ibuprofen. In general, acetylsalicylic acid is not recommended to be taking during pregnancy, due to its anticoagulating action. Furthermore, acetopminophen and ibuprofen are indicated in vary sparing amounts, and only as needed, for pain during pregnancy. Since you only took this medication on these two occasions, it is likely no serious complications could have resulted, however we do recommend that you report this to your obstetrician or family doctor so the appropriate fetal monitoring can be performed. Should you decide to keep your pregnancy, please seek the guidance of an obstetrician to make sure you are maintaining adequate nutrition, weight, and growth. Furthermore, please take prenatal vitamins containing folic acid, as directed by your obstetrician.If on the other hand you decide to terminate your pregnancy, please consult a licensed physician to discuss your options.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com for your health concern.