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i’m having acne post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Patient: I’m 17 years old and i’m suffering from acne (particulary on chin) from the last 4 years. i’ve bought a Banana Boat ultra protect sunscreen lotion would u just let me know will this sunscreen lotion be beneficial for my skin type and that this sunblock would not have any side-effect on my face.


Doctor: Thank you for your question Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation can usually clear up on its own in about 8-10 weeks with out treatment. For the best results however, it is important that during this time you limit over exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun by wearing sun screen. A sun screen of at least SPF 30 which protects against both UVA and UVB radiation is best. Certain sunscreens can be very greasy, and can actually lead to acne break outs. For this reason, we strongly recommend a non-greasy preparation. You can be better assisted by speaking to a pharmacist to find the best product in your region.Furthermore, there are topical preparations that can be prescribed to you by a dermatologist containing β-hydroxy acid (BHA) which can assist in improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Please follow up with a dermatologist consultation to determine if you require prescription treatment in addition to the advice we have offered.Thank you for consulting


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