-Intchy belly, legs , arms tirdness

Patient: -Im pregnant & my belly been itchy lately what does that mean?

Symptoms: Intchy belly

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.During pregnancy, there is stretching of the skin, especially more on your belly. As the skin expands, it tends to undergo dryness and cause itching and gets red.The other cause for itching around tummy and legs or generalised itching could be hormonal changes and a change in the liver function producing substance which cause itching or pruritus in pregnancy.Avoid hot showers, keep the area dry by wiping with a soft cotton towel and apply a moisturiser. rich in vitamin E over the area.Also, consult your gynecologist and get a liver function test done to find out if there is any underlying pathology.The doctor will suggest you on medications accordingly.Hope this was helpfulRegards