Is my husband’s inability to ejaculate be our inability to conceive?

Patient: Hello, I have been trying to conceive for about two years now. I notice that my husband rarely ejaculate because we could have sex for up to an hour without him releasing, and in most cases he would jump off to the bathroom. If I forced him to ejaculate, he mostly do it in pain, with some sign of a shock, and become extremely tired afterwards. I had tried convincing him to see a doctor because I know he is a shy type and our lack of conceiving could be as a result of that. I alreay have a child for someone else before we got married and I am sure I can still conceive. Could there be something wrong with him medically, or maybe me. Please, I am really confused on what to do.

Doctor: Delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation, is a man’s inability for or persistent difficulty in achieving orgasm, despite ty pical sexual desire and sexual stimulation. In some cases of delayed ejaculation, the man is able to attain climax and ejaculate only during masturbation, but not during sexual intercourse. This is definitely a cause of infertility and needs to be treated. Very often there can be a psychological component to the problem and a joint psycho-somatic evaluation is needed in such cases before conclusively reaching the diagnosis.I would suggest that you gently cajole your husband into visiting an andrologist or a reproductive medicine specialist for an evaluation. You can inform him that there are various treatable conditions that can lead to this problem and timely aid will help him deal with the situation better.