large pimple like blister near my anus

Patient: I’m a teenage female, i didn’t sex with any1. But I often masterbate.I have found a large pimple like blister near my anus under the vagina. This thing comes for some days n then goes away.But now it’s there for 5 days n changing it’s position.But before it didnt change its position.It greatly worries me what could this blister be?It seems to have pus/fluids underneath the skin but when i pearced it there was no fluids to release. It could be described as glossy and is redWhat can i do to treat it?Please help. I had hidradenitis suppurativa.. discharging sinus place axilla.. For this I was operated at 2012 but it didnt recover .. last I was given tests n I got TB then I was under medicines for so long and on this year 8 th january it started curing.. Till then I am okay.

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor,I understand that you have a skin lesion looking like a pimple near the anal orifice under the vagina. There are a lot of possibilities. Without an opportunity to closely examine the lesion, it is rather difficult to accurately specify the condition. You might need to consider a consultation with dermatologist for assessment and diagnosis. Some of the possibilities that I can think of are a boil ( bacterial infection of hair follicle), external hemorrhoids, sebaceous cyst etc.Hope this helped,Take care and wish you good health.

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Guest: very good , thank you