Light pink spotting, Possible pregnancy but not sure.

Patient: OK my last period was November 6th I usually have my periods in the beginning of the month and my period hasn’t come yet, but a week or two ago I had some spotting that was light pink only when I wiped and it only lasted two days and since then I have been feeling tired hungry and having to use the bathroom alot and having the pressure feeling like I have to go to the bathroom and I have what feels like very light period cramping in my lower abdominal area but its not serious like it doesn’t really bother me and it feels like tightness in my lower abdominal area. What could be going on?

Symptoms: Tightness in my lower abdominal, spotting ,mild cramping, tiredness, using the bathroom a lot and having urges of pressure to use the bathroom

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Some amount of irregularity in the dates of menstruation can be seen sometimes.The spotting you have seen in the middle of the month could be ovulatory bleeding or in case of pregnancy that could be implantation bleeding.If there is history of unprotected intercourse around the time of ovulation, there is possibility of pregnancy.Though some of your symptoms suggesting the possibility of pregnancy, just by symptoms we cannot come to one conclusion.So, better to go for urine pregnancy test once.If test gives positive results, you can proceed according to your doctor advice.If test gives negative result, possibly you may get your periods soon.Take care.