Pain After Multiple Lumbar Spine Surgeries

Patient: Hi, I have had five lumbar surgery and this last one was in september 4th 2009. I had two ruptured disk removed and I am still in severe pain, I tried walking and back exercise but that don’t work it only gets worse. because of this I stay in my room in bed and that seems to make it worse, I get very depressed, I can’t read, watch tv or have a conversation with people because of the extreme pain. Can you help, Please. Thanks.

Doctor: Unfortunately, one can’t predict the exact outcome in terms of pain after a lumbar spine surgery, the surgeon decompress ss, release and stabilize nerves and vertebrae, but in a percentage of patients there is no the expected relief of the pain by unknown reasons, to this also contribute the degeneration of the disks by the aging process and the muscular spasm caused by the pain. In this group of patients is very important the rehabilitation program post operative.Your case may be managed as chronic low back pain (LBP), you might benefit of Physical Therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. Some antidepressants are useful in chronic LBP to alleviate insomnia, and pain In addition, these medications may improve the patient’s ability to cope, and they may reduce depression, anxiety, or fatigue associated with chronic LBP. Local anesthetics, corticosteroids, or other substances may be directly injected into painful soft tissues, facet joints, nerve roots, or epidural spaces.