Redness on my cheek and behind my ear

Patient: This morning I woke up to bumps (pimple bumps) and redness on my cheek and behind my ear. It does not itch at all, it just stings. I am not allergic to anything and I have not eaten, taken, or done anything new in the past days or weeks. There was no sign of redness or bumps yesterday before I went to bed. What could this be?

Symptoms: burning

Doctor: With your description of symptoms it seems like you are suffering from a viral rash, most likely due to Herpes Zoster in fection. Such rashes appear like vesicles that spread along a nerve root and usually cause pain or altered sensation (burning). However, since similar type of rashes may be observed in other conditions as well, it is important to visit a Dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis and get appropriate advice. In most cases, viral rashes show a self limiting trend and require only supportive therapy.