what could this be

Patient: I had an ultrasound today with radiologist findings : live intrauterine pregnancy 6weeks 3days consistent with dates heart beat 134. With small mass. I have a recheck in 2 weeks doctor is going by the radiologist report but the sonographer noted either blood around that “mass ” or supply to it. Said it may be a bleed but its “on this side” baby’s side.. And was “in her way” I asked the nurse practioner what the mass could be and she said “oh a million things honey but baby is doing fine right now” I’d really like to know what the most common of the “billion things” could be. There was no masses found on very early ultrasound at 3 w 6 days when determining if this was a new pregnancy after having had a d&c on 4 /27 and positive test on 5/ 31. After appropriate hcg numbers it was determined it was new. And only thing noted on the super early test was a nice thick lining and a left ovarian cyst

Symptoms: Ocaisional light pink spotting with mucus

Doctor: A mass of fetal cells seen known as the fetal pole is usually seen next to the yolk sac on ultrasound at around 6 weeks of gestation. The fetal pole is basically the developing body of your baby. This could be the mass your nurse mentioned and is perfectly normal. Alternatively, it could be a retroplacenta bleed or clot which is basically a blood clot fored near the fetal sac or behind the placenta. Most of the times in early pregnancies such a clot resolves on its own and does not require any medication. If the size of the clot is big however sometimes it may lead to a miscarriage.The treatment for retroplacental clot is expectant management with adequate rest, progesterone supplementation and repeat ultrasounds. The occasional spotting is common with a retroplacental clot and needs no further treatment. However if the spotting increases, or you have pain in your lower abdomen or you pass a fleshy mass you should immediately visit the emergency room for an urgent examination as they could be signs of a miscarriage.Most retroplacental clots resolve naturally and I hope yours does too.