when leaning/bending over feels like muscle

Patient: A quarter of mucus blood coming out of mouth in the morning , when leaning/bending over feels like muscle strain or string is being pulled part and causes headache in front and back of head ( headaches went on throughout the whole morning ) feels like there is something going on in my stomach , still having headaches . There are times when my heart stops and it feels like I’m having a heart attack . Also there are times when my heart stops at least 5 times in less than 2 minutes and I’ll have to cough to try to get it beating again quicker . I get the feeling of my heart bursting out of my chest . Its getting worse that even all of my organs in my stomach hurt . There is bad back pain that extremely hurts that at times I can’t even stand straight or bend over . I’m also having bad memory and always forget things , that never happened to me before . And I’m 17 .

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.You have developed hematemesis that is blood in vomitu s so you require to see your doctor.Following are the common causes of hematemesis:1. Alcoholic liver disease2. Pain killers(NSAIDs) induced gastric/duodenal ulcers3. Forceful vomitings causing esophageal tear (Mallory Weis Syndrome)4. Coagulation Disorder.I would advise following in such scenario:1. To take a combination of Pantoprazole and Domperidone.2. To take soft, bland diet.3. To take anti flatulent and anti-acidity syrup like Digene.You should also get following investigations done:1. Upper GI endoscopy2. Ultrasound Abdomen.3. Platelet count4. Coagulation profile.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy