Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10 Doctor Recommended Tips to Ensure Safety If You Continue to Dine Indoors During Covid-19

Ask The Doctor interviewed 15 Board-Certified Physicians across the United States and Canada to get their recommendations on how people who choose to dine out can take extra precautions to stay safe, especially with the rising numbers in Covid-19 cases.

1. Call restaurant ahead of time and ask if every staff member has had their temperature taken and show no signs of being sick.

The Manager of a restaurant or hotel checks the body temperature of the staff with a thermal imaging device

2. Make sure all employees are wearing masks 100% of the time.

Happy waiter with protective face mask standing at cafe doorway and holding open sign.

3. Ask restaurant ahead of time if they have taken measures during Covid to improve ventilation in the restaurant.

pipes of the ventilation system above the ceiling of the loft bar room, details of the engineering systems of ventilation.

4. Sanitize your hands upon sitting at table.

Series of person cleaning hands after spraying with disinfectant sanitizer before meal at dining table

5. Make sure all tables are at least 6 feet apart at the minimum. The further the better.

Arrangement blank space table to prevent and stop coronavirus spread by social distancing concept. Asian woman and asia people eating food alone at table in reopening restaurant after lockdown measure

6. Remove mask only when food arrives.

Asian woman sitting separated in restaurant eating food .keep social distance for protect infection from coronavirus covid-19, restaurant and social distancing concept.

7. Decrease communication with server and put on your mask when server is at your table talking to you.

Customer in face mask giving order to waitress during coronavirus outbreak

8. Only dine at restaurants that have contactless payment options.

Close up hand of customer paying with smartphone. Cashier hand holding credit card reader machine and wearing protective disposable gloves at bar counter, while client holding phone for NFC payment. Woman wearing face mask while paying bill with mobile phone during Covid-19 pandemic.

9. Limit exposure by setting time limit of 1.5 hours dining time in restaurant.

Time for lunch break concept. Alarm clock on a white plate with fork and knife Cutlery isolated on white gray. Kitchen concept restaurant menu meal artistic background

10. Only dine out with people in your immediate circle and limit maximum number of people at table to 2.

Two young women at a lunch in a restaurant
Julia Smith
Julia Smith
Julia Smith is a registered nurse and healthcare writer based out of Arlington, VA. Educating patients on the latest in healthcare news is one of her passions when she is not busy practicing as a nurse.

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