11 days late and still no positive

Patient: Some advice please. I’m 31 years old. Before now my period has always been very regular, almost clockwork. I have a fiancee and we do not use protection. I noticed some very very light pink spotting June 17-18, but nothing since then. I am now 11 days late. I have been waking up sick the last two weeks. I’ve also been getting sick when I eat, no matter what the food. Only ginger ale and green tea seem immune to this. My lower abdomen is hard and I’ve been sleeping more than normal, 10-12 hours instead of my normal 6-8. I feel pregnant. I’ve taken three tests, one on the first day of my missed period, July 7. One July 15, and one today July 18. All three were negative. I’ve read that some women have low hormone levels and won’t pop a home test until much later. What could be going on? Could I actually be pregnant? I sure feel like I am.

Symptoms: missed period, food aversion, food craving, exhaustion, morning sickness, hard lower abdomen