12 days late on periodi had a negative blood test

Patient: 12 days late on period.i had a negative blood test and hpt at 6 days late.today i wiped once with light pink blood this morning but nothing after that.i have a metallic taste in my mouth like i had with my last pregnancy and my baby is 13 months old( still breastfeeding),did i test too early or ami late due to breastfeeding? I just started getting periods again after my baby back in april 1,2015 and may 2,2015?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It does not seem like you have tested too early. It is most probably negative for pre gnancy. However, it is recommended that you confirm this with a beta hCG blood test which is more precise and reliable.Consult a gynecologist for further management.Hope this helped.Regards