13, virgin, stomach is bigger, pains everywhere.

Patient: Hi! Im terrified right now please help! Im 14 and basically my stomach has gotten significantly bigger the past few weeks. Im a virgin, I have alot of white stuff in my underwear though. I have never missed a period, it has been late 1 time which was last month. Why is my stomach bigger? I can still suck in though. I have done sexual activity alone but not with a boy. Please help! Thanks!

Symptoms: Breast pains, swollen stomach, pains in back and shoulder.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that the swelling in your stomach and white discharge could be due to a yeas t infection. It is very common for young girls during the stages of puberty to get yeast infections. The swelling in your stomach could be due to bloating. Since you not not had any sexual intercourse, it is not likely that you are pregnant. However, we do recommend that you see your doctor to be examined for this infection and start the necessary treatment.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com

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Guest: You might be getting your period or if your worried tell a parent to see a doctor. I wouldn’t be that worries your body is changing