14yrs old cyst ovaries birth control? pap tests?

Patient: My daughter has been on her period pretty much every day for the past 8 months. we have told our doctor about it and she ordered an ultrasound and found a cyst on her ovaries. my daughter also suffers with acne and we discussed her taking birth control to help with regulating her period and to help with her face. she is not sexually active and is only 14 years old but the doctor said before she can prescribe birth control she has to do a pap test. i looked online and it says pap tests are to be done when you are sexually active and my daughter really doesn’t want to get it done and is afraid it will hurt. we are on a waiting list for a gynaecologist that will see her with her being so young but its been 2 months with no call backs. how can we get her period regulated? is pap tests and birth control the only way? no one should have to be suffering for so long! not to mention the expense of pads that we are incurring and she has not been able to go swimming for so long. cant a doctor give birth control without the pap?

Symptoms: Constant bleeding