15 and still Stuttering for 7 years

Patient: I’m a 15 year old boy who have been stuttering for the past 7 years. I wasn’t dropped as a baby or had any brain injuries. Although I had to take speech class in elementary, they taught me how to speak slower and think before i say something. It did helped me a little bit in junior high, but then now the stuttering is starting to evolve a little and i’m stuttering more than back a few years ago. I’m not scared or anything. I’m a little shy sometimes and if only i didn’t stutter i would be more out going. No one in my family stutters or anything. I was sick very very easily when I was 1-7 age and I had to go to a hospital a lot back then, but I’m all fine now. So is there a reason why I do stutter?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history. 15-year-old boy is stuttering for the last 7 years – to ok speech classes in elementary.You have realized that you do no stutter if you are out-going in nature, and more when you are shy.You know the diagnosis and you also know the factors which can improve on or even make you absolutely normal.Since you are already 15, you can modulate far better that 7 years ago. You can certainly take a help of a trainer and of family members and the close friend.Avoid all the circumstances, which increase your problem. Think that speaking normally is the only motto, nothing else matters then. And see your are going to stop stuttering.Hope this helps you.