15 year old with Exercise Induced Asthma

Patient: Why is it that every time I play sports I get this burning sensation in my lungs. It only happens when I workout and do cardio or I run lots.I am only 15 years old and healthy.

Doctor: It seems like you have a case of exercise induced asthma. What happens is the prolonged exercise and physical exertion c ause the asthma. This doesnt mean you have to avoid exercise completely. We suggest you get a albuterol inhalet. If you take it before starting physical activity the albuterol can stop your airways from contracting and help to keep the exercise induced asthma in check. Hope this helps.

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Guest: It sounds like you have exercise induced asthma. Make sure to take an inhaler before you work out. This will help. Also if you feel faint or like you can’t breathe in sit down and rest for a few minutes. Remember to sit in an upright position when having trouble breathing. I find this to be very helpful.