15 year old worried she may be Pregnant

Patient: Im only 15 im really scared i had unprotected sex last saturday afternoon is there any symptoms i can look for if i am pregnat besides not having my period cause i havnt had it yet but the months not even close 2 being over n im really scared

Doctor: I understand that you are worried about getting pregnant but right now is too early to look for signs or symptoms of pre gnancy; it is only 4 days after you had intercourse.I can see that you are taking Birth Control Pills; these are highly effective but remember that no contraception is 100% effective especially when people are not compliant with them. It is advisable to combine them with barriers methods such as Condoms to increase the chance of not getting pregnant and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.If you would like to, you could try to use Emergency Contraception also known as Plan B or the Morning After Pill which is sold over the counter in most countries, it is very effective during the first 72 hours but it is most effective during the first 24 hours after intercourse, in some cases it may be effective up to 120 hours or 5 days post conception. I don’t see any contraindication of taking this.If you miss your next period you should definitely get a pregnancy test. I would also like to suggest you to discuss contraception more deeply with your health care provider.