16 year old pregnant girl woke up covered in blood this morning

Patient: Im 16 and im 2 weeks 5 days pregnant.I recently got punched in the stomach really hard and I instantly knew there was something wrong.I felt nausea and went to lie down.I fell asleep and woke up this morning covered in blood.What does this mean? Have I had a miscarriage?

Doctor: Blunt trauma to the lower abdomen of a moderate to severity may lead to a miscarriage. Heavy bleeding, passage of blood clots, abdominal pain, lower back ache are other signs suggestive of a miscarriage.It is advisable that you contact your local doctor or clinic or hospital and seek appropriate medical care. A physical examination, ultrasound evaluation and certain blood tests will be needed to assess the harm caused to you and your pregnancy.In addition, I would recommend that you take all necessary precautions to avoid such an incident in the future.