16 year old who had unprotected sex with boyfriend

Patient: Hi I am a 16 year old who had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. My last period started on may 24 and ended may 28. I have a regular period every month. On June 5th me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex for about an hour.he did not ejaculate in me but he did after he pulled out. I’ve read that pre ejaculation comes out while guys are sexually aroused. Later my boyfriend jacked off in front or me then fingered me for a while. Exactly 2 weeks later I had a brown discharge in my panties and then I had my period for two days but it was really heavy then my usual period. I had very intense painful cramping before the blood actually came out. This happened exactly 6 days before my period was supposed to come. Throughout the two weeks I’ve had back pain && been feeling light headed and weak.I am very scared and I’m not able go go to the doctor for many personal reasons. I’ve took some homemade pregnancy test but some came out positive and others negative. I really don’t know what to do, but can I be pregnant?

Symptoms: Really painful cramping, been feeling light headed, increase in appetite, constantly urinating, feeling weak, mood swings, bloated, headaches

Doctor: I completely empathise with you and your situation.Owing to the timing of your unprotected intercourse, there is a p ossibility that you could be pregnant. The best way to know if you are pregnant or not is to do a home pregnancy test properly. Most home pregnancy kits have a very high accuracy rate if the test is done properly. Follow the instructions on the pack accurately to avoid confusion about the results. If you still are not sure about the results it would be advisable to speak to your local clinic or hospital or health care provider. Most doctors will respect your wish for confidentiality and you may clearly state your wishes to them.In case you are pregnant, the future of the pregnancy will really be a tough decision for you to make. Support of family and friends is generally helpful at such stressful times. It may be sensible to seek advice from an older person you trust and not act in haste.Hope you make all the right decisions and never have to face such a stressful situation again. Once things are sorted, take some time out to get information on the various contraceptive options available to you.