16 yrs old with bad knee pain, no injuries

Patient: I am a 16 year old female and I know I shouldn’t be getting joint pain this early in my life but my left knee has been bothering me badly for a few months. Ive always sat cross legged ever since kindergarten and it is very bothersome for me to sit any other way especially if im in bed or on the floor. But now, I cannot sit in this position for more than an hour without getting a harsh throbbing pain in my left knee. I will get up and walk around and change position, which usually causes it to subside but I cannot always do that like if I am at school or am trying to get work done or maybe just want to relax. At this point Im not worried, just very annoyed. Do I need to stretch? Or maybe I have weak bones? What can I do to stop this pain?

Symptoms: Knee pain, joint pain

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.You probably have got traumatic knee injury or this can be sprain o f the knee joint.In such scenario, I would advise you to do hot fomentation around your knee joint.Application of Diclofenac pain killer gel locally will also help you.If this doesn’t work then you would require to see your doctor and get imaging studies done.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.