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Patient: 176 Physicians Online Get AnswerHome » Browse Health Topics » General » In Mid-January, I Had Unprotected Oral Sex Twic…Question:In mid-January, I had unprotected oral sex twice about 4-5Dear Ask The Doctor:In mid-January, I had unprotected oral sex twice about 4-5 days apart I think.2 MonthS later, I got very worried that I may have contracted HIV and I took a test that came out negative. However, to this day I am still getting very nervous.I have two questions for you:1. What are the chances that I contracted HIV from oral sex. To give in detail, both were about 5 -7 min. And I did not swallow his semen. When I finished I kept spitting out to make sure all the pre-semen did not stay and then thoroughly washed out my mouth and brushed my teeth.2. Is 2 months a good amount of time to get tested, because I have heard conflicting views, most saying that one should be tested A.S.A.P. Btw, the results were negative.Sorry if I wrote too much, but I sincerely regret what I did and am hoping to God that it will be good news.