18 year old with sleeping problem and lack of energy

Patient: I have a problem with oversleeping. I’m 18 and currently on a gap year. I’m worried about this because I start college in a few months and don’t know how I will physically survive. I struggle to fall asleep, even though I am am on StillNox, but have been for so long that I am completely used to it. Regardless of how early I get into bed, I fall asleep around midnight. I set my alarm for 8:30, and when it rings I wake up, check my phone, then fall back asleep until around 2pm. I wake up exhausted. My dreams are so realistic and complicated that when I do wake up, I just turn over and go right back to sleep. My energy levels are so bad. I used to have a job but in order to wake up and stay awake I had to take stimulants. Eventually I quit because I felt so drained. I do have eating problems and take medicine for depression. How can I beat this?

Symptoms: Oversleeping, exhaustion, lack of energy