18 years old, Shoulder Pain While Working Out

Patient: Last year around this time it seemed like one morning my right shoulder started hurting out of nowhere. It hurt immensely to even move it back or to the side past a certain amount. I wore a sling for a while, and took it off after about a week and a half and my arm felt better; however I did some exercise shortly after and my shoulder and the muscles around it were very tense and sore for about 24 hours after (maybe because it was kind of inactive for so long?). I went to my doctor about it, but because I went during a time without intense pain he kind of brushed it off.Since then I’ve noticed that whenever I dance or do aerobics or anything that requires a lot of movement from my right shoulder. It feels like a burning pain when moved around, but it goes away a few minutes after I rest as long ad I wasn’t moving it a lot for too long. I’m taking zumba and aerobics classes this semester. What might this be and should I try a shoulder brace?

Symptoms: Right shoulder pain during and after strenuous movement, burning pain in right shoulder, my right shoulder muscles are also seem tense and sore a lot

Doctor: Thank you for your question. You likely have sustained a rotator cuff injury of your shoulder. The rotator cuff is compr ised of several muscles that surround the shoulder joint, which assist in movement of your arm. These injuries can can happen during normal movements or strenuous activities such as in exercise. Now rotator cuff injuries can vary in severity. It seems as though your injury may be a minor one, as it is exacerbated with exercises and relieved shortly after. If rotator cuff injuries are not carefully treated at their onset they can actually become worse and result in increased pain and decrease range of motion of your shoulder joint. As of now we do not recommend you wear a shoulder brace. Rather, we strongly recommend that you have your shoulder physically examined by a doctor to determine the extent of this injury. Once assessed, you may benefit from physiotherapy and some time away from physical activity. Shoulder injuries can take some time to heal, it is important that you remain patient and follow up with your doctor regularly to assess the progress of treatment. We hope you feel better soon.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com