19yr Old Actor and Need Hair Loss help

Patient: Hi!I’m 19 and I think that my hairline is receding. The exposed skin above my temples is becoming rounded and higher, and the thickness at the top is declining – this is evident in the thickening line of bare scalp in my part. I also notice an increasing amount of hair falling out, and a thinner amount of hair at my crown.I was wondering if a product like Rogaine would be safe for me to use at my age.I am an actor, and need either to regrow the hair that i’ve lost or at least keep what I have. Unfortunately, there’s not much room for a balding teen – mid twenty year old in casting these days!If there are any alternative treatments, I would be glad to hear about them.Thanks so much.B

Symptoms: Thinning hair on top and especially on crown, receding hairline especially above temples.