1st time i had a sex before 5 month with protection.

Patient: 1st time i had a sex before 5 month with protection after that i am regular in my periods but i feel a stomach pain still now and from last 2 months after my periods i feel burning in my stomach nd have a bad pain in my upper middle stomach..I mention that while doing sex when he insert his penis i feel a bad pain thats why he doesnt complete it nd pulled out after that i bleed 2 days then everythinh is ok but i feel stomach pain..

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have been experiencing pain on deep insertion of the penis, then it is likely t hat you may be suffering from endometriosis. THIS is generally characterized by severe pain during menses causing dysmenorrhoea and also during intercourse. You should get yourself evaluated first with a per vaginal bimanual examination and a pap smear, also with an ultrasound and if required a diagnostic laparoscopy may be done to diagnose the ailment.This if detected can be controlled by placing you on progesterone only pills continuously which can prevent menses and cause amenorrhoea, thereby reducing endometriotic patches in next 6 months. Please visit your Gynecologist for a detailed evaluation.Regards