1st Time Sex and Reason and Pregnancy

Patient: Hi,I have sex with my wife on 8th March and I was discharge during sex and i was not in complete my penis but i was discharge in vagina and after that with in 5 minute i wake up her and told her to go to wash it and 24 March was her period day but she was little bit menses on day 1 but till up-to she is not being menses what is the reason ?Is there any chance of pregnancy ?

Symptoms: Menses are not coming

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,There may be a chance of pregnancy in this case and the bleeding may just be an impla ntation bleed. It is hence advised that you may get a serum beta hCG test done as soon as possible to rule out pregnancy for definite. The test measures levels of hCG which is the hormone secreted in pregnancy, so if its levels are high, it’s a pregnancy for sure.Regards