2 days ago I cut my toe on a rotting

Patient: 2 days ago I cut my toe on a rotting fish carcass while out camping, it was a small cut that drew a good ten or more drops of blood. But now my toe is inflamed, red and leaking a greenish pus. Is this something that can be taken care of at home? Or is this more serious?

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood the history of a cut by a rotten fish carcass and now a green pus.Rotten carcass is an o rganic material full of bacteria, that have now got entry into the body causing green pus and inflammation of the toe.This is one thing that needs to be treated by a Doctor as you may need incision and drainage of the cavity is close with just a small opening.You need the prophylaxis against tetanusyou need a broad spectrum antibiotic and pus to be sent for gram staining, culture and sensitivity test before you get your first shot of an antibiotic.You also need anti-inflammatory medicine.Daily dressings are a must and this is to be taken seriously, nothing can be done at the home to start with.Hope this helps.